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Sticks and Bricks is the place to learn about cash flow businesses and new concepts in the real, physical world. These are the business you drive past every day on your way to a 9-to-5 and wonder “How does that business make money?”

We don’t have anything against software. In fact, software can be used to make sticks-and-bricks businesses even more profitable… and easier to manage. We’ll discuss the impact technology is having on many of the businesses we feature.

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We are part of the Thesis Driven community. Our sister publication, Thesis Driven, can be found here—there, Brad digs in to innovation in the built world.


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Emily Bannerman

Writer and cash flow business fan. Eats pancakes for dinner. FIU grad.

Brad Hargreaves 

Housing, cities, tech, history, gaming. Founder & Chairman @hicommon, previously co-founder @GA. Husband to @amosky and papa to Julian & Milan. 10001 via 71744.